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LinkedIn Group

The Southeast NetSuite User Group LinkedIn Group is designed to foster professional networking, knowledge sharing, and community building among NetSuite users and enthusiasts in the Southeast.

Click here to access The Southeast NetSuite User Group on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Group Guidelines

To ensure a productive and respectful environment, all members are requested to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Professional Conduct:

    • Always interact with other members respectfully, regardless of differing opinions.

    • Personal attacks, harassment, or discriminatory remarks will not be tolerated.​

  2. Relevance of Content:

    • Ensure that all discussions, posts, and shared content are relevant to NetSuite, ERP systems, or directly related business practices.

    • Avoid posting content not directly related to professional development, such as purely personal updates or general news unrelated to NetSuite or the group's focus.

  3. Prohibited Content: To maintain the focus and integrity of our discussions, we strictly prohibit the following types of forums and threads:

    • Jokes: Avoid posting jokes or other content solely intended for entertainment that does not relate to the group's professional focus.

    • Junk Mail: Do not distribute irrelevant messages or content that does not provide value to the community discussions.

    • Spam: Repeated posting of the same message or posting incessant, irrelevant content is forbidden.

    • Political Content: No comments, opinions, or links related to political parties, figures, or electoral sites are allowed.

    • Religious Content: Avoid sharing personal religious views or discussing theological beliefs.

    • Self-Promotion: Marketing or promoting your own company's products or services is not permitted unless pre-approved by the group’s moderators

  4. Promotional Content:

    • Promotional posts are allowed by paid sponsors only. Sponsors may post promotional content at a maximum frequency of twice per month during the month of their paid sponsorship and once per month for the six months following the paid sponsorship. This includes webinar invitations, whitepaper, and any other branded content.

    • Clearly disclose any personal affiliations with products or services you promote.

  5. Confidentiality and Privacy:

    • Do not share confidential or proprietary information to any company or individual.

    • Respect privacy by not tagging or mentioning members without their consent.

  6. Intellectual Property:

    • Only share content if you have the right to do so. Respect copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights.

    • Cite sources appropriately when sharing third-party content.

  7. Conflict Resolution:

    • Handle disagreements or disputes with other members privately or seek mediation from the group moderators if necessary.

    • Do not use the Group to air grievances or call out other members in a public manner.

  8. Reporting Issues:

    • If you encounter content that violates these guidelines, please report it to the moderators promptly.

    • Cooperation with the moderation team is expected when addressing reported issues or guideline violations.

  9. Moderation and Enforcement:

    • The group moderators reserve the right to remove any content that does not comply with these guidelines or that they deem detrimental to the community’s spirit.

    • Repeated violations may result in temporary suspension or permanent banning from the group.

  10. Updates to Guidelines:

    • These guidelines may be updated periodically to address new issues or refine existing policies. Members will be notified of any significant changes.

Conclusion: Our LinkedIn Group is a valuable resource for everyone involved, offering a platform for learning, sharing, and professional growth. By adhering to these guidelines, we can maintain a supportive and engaging environment for all members.

Thank you for being a part of our community and helping us build a positive and professional Group!

These guidelines are designed to maintain a professional, respectful, and engaging online community for the Southeast NetSuite User Group. They ensure that all interactions contribute positively to the group’s objectives and members' professional growth.

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